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10 Oct

Pearl Welcomes Aaron Ovecka of I, the Breather

Pearl Drums is proud to welcome an incredible new drummer to their Artist Roster- Aaron Ovecka of I, the Breather!  Since 2009, Baltimore, Maryland natives, I, the Breather have been dominating the metal scene with their hard-hitting riffs and ferocious sound, which is led from behind by Aaron Ovecka’s speedy fills, blistering footwork, and overall-remarkable drumming.  I, the Breather are gearing up to hit the road in support of their latest studio release, Life Reaper, which was released earlier this year courtesy of Sumerian Records.  Life Reaper hosts the band’s latest single, “Soul:Seek”, which can be seen and heard below.  More information on I, the Breather, can be found here.

Upon signing onto the Pearl Drums Artist Roster, Aaron Ovecka traded up his custom Vision Birch VBL drums for a gorgeous set of Masters MCX drums finished in Ash Tamo Fade.  For more information on Aaron, and to view his full kit specs, please click here.