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09 Mar

Pearl Artist Matt McDonough & Mudvayne

Mudvayne has been dominating the rock/metal music scene for the past thirteen years. The band recently released their fourth album, “The New Game”, and they have a 2009 that is sure to have them wreaking havoc on a stage around your town soon. Matt McDonough has been bashing the skins for Mudvayne since 1996, including when they broke into the scene in 2000 with their debut album “L.D. 50”. Matt relies in Pearl every night to help provide the tones necessary for their classic sound and his technical playing on their latest album proves why he is one of the best at what he does.                 On the road or in the studio, Matt turns to his classic looking Tobacco Burst Masterworks kit. What really sets his drums apart from the rest, besides the perfect tonal quality, is his custom painted satin hardware. This look gives Matt the perfect combination of a classy looking kit mixed with the flair and excitement of a custom kit. As for the sound, well the drums speak for themselves. Although Matt’s set-up is a Masterworks kit, it’s built to Reference Series sizes and specs. The combination of woods and individuality of each drum helps Matt to broaden his spectrum around the kit properly combining and transitioning each tone to the next flawlessly.  With Matt’s set-up of drums ranging from the highs of 8x7 rack tom to lows of his 18x16 floor tom, it’s no wonder why Matt has been able to mix his versatility and technical aspects into each and every Mudvayne song for the past 13 years. It’s always a good sign of a great drummer when they can be successful album after album and tour after tour. This is certainly the case with Matt, and that’s why he plays Pearl drums. Only the best drums will suit the best of drummers. For more information on Mudvayne be sure to check out their website at Also, be sure to pick up their new album, “The New Game”, wherever music is sold.