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25 Sep

Pathology Releases New Video from Upcoming Album

With the release of their forthcoming album, “The Time of Great Purification”, only being a week away, San Diego based death-metalers, Pathology, have released a new video for their digital single, Tyrannical Decay, which can be found below. Pathology’s new album, “The Time of Great Purification” is set to hit the shelves on September 25th and showcases the most technical and developed sound the band has ever created.

The lightning quick speed of Pearl artist, Dave Astor, is ever present in every brutal Pathology track, with the band’s forthcoming album being no different. Filled with a plethora of one hard hitting sections, cluttered with brutally quick blast beats and quick fills, Dave Astor’s work behind the kit has made him a legend in the metal world, and for good reason. Throughout the recording process of the new album, Pearl artist, Dave Astor relied on his completely custom Masterworks Series drum-set, consisting of 4 and 6 ply maple shells with reinforcement hoops, to give him the full, warm, and resonant tones that he’s looking for. Dave’s full specs are as follow:

Masterworks Series: Flat Black
w/ black hardware
*4-ply maple
**6-ply maple

22x18- bass drum (x2)**
12x8- rack tom*
14x10- rack tom*
16x16- hanging floor tom*
14x5.5- snare drum**

For more information on Dave Astor and Pathology, please be sure to visit their official website, Also be sure to pick up a copy of their new album, “The Time of Great Purification”, which is available on September 25th!