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09 May

Papa Roach Rocks Sunset Boulevard

Since their inception into the mainstream rock world back in 2000, Papa Roach has been known as one of the craziest, most entertaining, and energetic live bands in the rock genre. If you don’t believe it to be true, then simply ask one of the 1,500 diehard fans that packed the House of Blues on Sunset Strip last week, as they were treated to the smash-mouth, high octane force that has kept Papa Roach on top of the rock pedestal for over 10 years. With a set list that contains nothing but No. 1 hit singles, and legendary rock anthems, Papa Roach seemed to answer the call of the lively crowd, pulling out all the stops and rocking every song the crowd was begging for.

Behind the entire scene of rock induced pandemonium in which Papa Roach provides, you will find one of rock’s hardest hitting and ferocious drummers, Pearl artist, Tony Palermo. Having joined the band in early 2008, Tony has quickly found a home amongst the Papa Roach fans and followers, with his gorgeous Masterworks drums becoming a staple to a Papa Roach stage. With his rock solid drumming and heavy hitting, Tony pounds through each hit with a tremendous force that enhances the sheer craziness and adrenaline of the band’s live show, further setting off the already crazed crowd of thousands in attendance. As debuted on Papa Roach’s amphitheater tour with Hinder, Saving Abel, and Nickelback, Tony continues to rock his Masterworks Series kit, complete with matching 26x16 kick drums, and custom sized floor toms. Tony’s specs are as follow:

Masterworks Series: Black Sparkle Lacquer

26x16- kick drum (x2)
14x9- rack tom
16x14- floor tom
18x16- floor tom
14x6.5- Reference Series Snare (brass)

With Pearl’s Masterworks Series of drums being completely customizable with their sizes, wood combinations, bearing edges, and finishes, Tony turned to Pearl’s custom shop knowing the exact sound he was looking for and knowing how to achieve it. Although his 6-ply, all maple shells can be found in Pearl’s Masters MCX Series, Tony was looking for bigger sounding drums to give off the deep and warm tones of Papa Roach’s heavier sound. With booming 26x16 kick drums, a cut-down and mount-less 14x9 rack tom, and a specialty 16x14 floor tom, Tony turned to the Masterworks Series to provide the optimum tone and balance for the classic Papa Roach sound.

For more information on Papa Roach and Tony Palermo, please be sure to visit the band’s website at Also be sure to pick up their latest album, “Time for Annihilation”, which features the #3 song in the country, “Burn”, available wherever music is sold.