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16 Mar

Papa Roach at the Troubadour


            It’s not every day that you see a multi platinum band celebrate their anniversary, however, Wednesday March 4th 2009 marked the 10 year anniversary for one of the biggest rock acts of our time, Papa Roach.  Ten years ago from the date they signed to Dreamworks Records and in honor of the momentous accomplishment they decided to pay homage to everyone who has supported them over the years by going back where it all started, The Troubadour in Hollywood.

            For those of you who have witnessed Papa Roach live, you understand why this band’s tenure has lasted as long as it has; and for the 500 in attendance, this show was no exception.  The crowd was waiting with anticipation for the house music to stop and the lights to dim.  Total pandemonium erupted throughout the attendees once they caught sight of papa Roach drummer, Tony Palermo, step out onto the stage followed by the rest of his band mates.  At that moment, Papa Roach slammed into their first song starting off the set that was filled with classics from the past and soon to be classics from their upcoming album, “Metamorphosis”.  The crowd seemed to go especially crazy during their new single “Lifeline” which has been getting rave reviews, and massive airplay, across the country.

            For this event Tony Palermo was using a Pearl Masters Series kit with all maple shells in Diamond Burst lacquer.  Although Tony has been rocking his beastly 26” kick drum while out on the last tour, he downsized for this event and went with a 24x18 kick which provided more than enough punch and attack.  He also was using a 13x10 rack tom, 16x16 floor tom and 18x16 floor tom, which helped give Tony the classic deep and warm sounding tones that all Papa Roach fans have heard throughout the last 10 years.  The Diamond Burst finish on Tony’s kit is a beautiful sparkle lacquer that fades from black, to silver, back to black which makes the drums stand out, but look classy at the same time.  For his snare drum, Tony used his custom built 14x8 Reference Series wood snare.  This snare, like most reference wood snares, has a 20 ply shell which adds power, attack, and volume to help cut through the mix on stage. 

            The hour that Papa Roach spent on stage was clearly not enough, leaving everyone in attendance begging for more.  While watching them power through hit song after hit song made me realized why this band has been around for so long, and seeing them pour their heart and soul out on the stage last Wednesday showed me that this band could very well be around for another 10 years. Hanging out with the band at a recent photo shoot gave me the opportunity to hear the new album and I assure you that you will not be disappointed.  Do yourself a favor and head to your local music store to purchase “Metamorphosis” when it comes out on March 24th.  Papa Roach is bound to be playing in a town near you on the upcoming Avenged Sevenfold/Buckcherry Tour so go check them out and be prepared to be amazed.  For more information please visit or