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16 Apr

Nile Brings 20th Anniversary Celebration to Los Angeles

It seemed like a long and never-ending wait since the legendary American technical thrashers, Nile, made the announcement of their 20th Anniversary Tour.  However, for those thousands of patient LA natives who had been counting the days and crossing them off their calendars, it was well worth it.  On one of the last stops of this monumental trek, Nile treated their faithful southern California fans to 2 of   the most brutal hours imaginable, with maddening double bass, squealing guitar riffs, and terrorizing vocals tearing down the walls of The Grove in Anaheim.  With the pits circling and the masses head-banging along to the sheer madness of Nile’s extremely fast and heavy sound, the band unleashed a fury of fan favorites, making the tremendous occasion and unforgettable one for their dedicated following. 

Pearl artist, George Kollias, is the one to blame for the sheer pandemonium taking place on stage.  Known for being one of the World’s finest and fastest drummers of today, George flew around his Reference Series drums with pin-point precision and furious speed, flawlessly executing even the most difficult and technical fills with- what seems like- the greatest of ease.  And even while moving at these  unfathomable speeds, George masterfully displays his stellar technique, using the same tips and tricks that he teaches and touches on in his “Intense Metal Drumming” DVD collection.
On this current tour, George relied on a beautiful Reference Series kit, finished in the classy Sunrise Fade lacquer.  A kit of absolutely massive proportions, George somehow manages to put it all to good use, turning to the varying bearing edges and differing wood combinations found in each drum- as described in the Reference Series Recipe- to provide the exact balance, punch, and attack desired.  George’s full specs are as follow:

Reference Series
Sunrise Fade (153)

22x18 bass drum  x2
8x7 tom
10x8 tom
12x8 tom
13x9 tom
14x14 floor tom
16x16 floor tom
14x6.5- Reference Series snare
12x5 Firecracker snare drum

Although Nile’s 20th Anniversary tour has run its course throughout the US, the band’s demand is at an all time high in part to the absolutely stellar performance they’ve graced the masses with on their lengthy trek, and should be finding the band back on the road shortly.  For more information on Nile, be sure to visit their official website  For more information on George Kollias, please be sure to visit his official website,