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19 Sep

Motley Crue Blazes into Las Vegas

This week, the masters of rock, Motley Crue, brought their always spectacular live show to Sin City, kicking off a new Las Vegas residency and unveiling a  jaw dropping, flame-shooting, stage burning new live experience that’s ever-so-appropriately titled, ‘An Intimate Evening in Hell’.  Invading The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Motley Crue’s ‘An Intimate Evening in Hell’ serves as a follow-up to last year’s Las Vegas residency, which marked the first rock-residency of its kind and continually packed the venue’s walls to capacity for each night of the 2-week tenure, along with paving the way for other rock acts to follow suit.  ‘An Intimate Evening in Hell’ opened earlier this week, with the first of the show’s 12 scheduled performances stirring up rave reviews from the faithful Motley Crue followers who flocked to Sin City for the guaranteed-unbelievable event.  An explosive show of extravagant production and intense pyrotechnics, mixed in with the mega-hit rock anthems that have invaded radio airwaves for the past 30 years, and a few rare tracks as well; ‘An Intimate Evening in Hell’ finds rock’s most notorious band returning to the world’s most notorious city, bringing with them the must-see insanity that’s created the empire we all know as Motley Crue.

With words like “legends”, “masters”, and “pioneers”, often being used to describe a Motley Crue event, it’s nearly impossible to not think of, Pearl artist, Tommy Lee.  One of, if not thee, biggest name in rock drumming, Tommy Lee is an icon to every drummer who’s picked up a pair of sticks, laying down some of the most recognizable backbeats in history, and truly being the world’s biggest rockstar.  Along with his rock solid timing, heavy hitting, and highly aggressive technique behind the kit, Tommy has also earned his astounding credibility through his flair for showmanship, constantly unveiling one amazing stage spectacle after another, all to the awe and amazement of each sold out crowd that Motley Crue plays to. 

Throughout this current Las Vegas residency, Tommy Lee has, once again, found a way to defy safety, and brought to life the borderline-insane concept of incorporating the theme of Motley Crue’s show, ‘An Intimate Evening in Hell’, into his latest drum setup.  On the first night of the show, Tommy unveiled his new Session Studio Classic drums, complete with his preferred Epro Live setup of Tru Trac electronic drumheads, and finished in the beautiful Sequoia Red Lacquer…for now, at least.  Tommy’s Las Vegas rig is set upon a special drum riser which, thanks to Tommy’s master plan, sporadically bursts into flames throughout the band’s 90-minute set…while he’s still playing it, mind you… and thus putting Pearl’s Session Studio Classic drums throughout the toughest durability test imaginable.  Don’t try this at home.

Tommy’s specs for ‘An Intimate Evening in Hell’ are as follow:

Session Studio Classic:
Sequoia Red Lacquer (110)

26x16- bass drum
14x14 tom
14x14 floor tom (left)
16x16 floor tom  x2
10x8 tom (right)
14x6.5 Free Floating snare drum (maple)

To catch Tommy Lee and his blazing Session Studio Classic EPro Live drums, before they’re completely scorched, be sure to visit Motley Crue’s official website,, for a full list of dates for their current Las Vegas residency, and for ticketing information.