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03 Jul

Mike Mangini and Ray Luzier- The Best of Their Kind

The readers have spoken, the votes have been tallied, and the results of Drum! Magazine’s annual ‘Drummie Awards’ have found Pearl artists Mike Mangini and Ray Luzier atop the podium of their respective genres, each being named the best of their class!   Mike Mangini took home multiple Drummie Awards, “Drummer of the Year” and “Best Progressive Rock Drummer”, for his work with the prog-rock giants, Dream Theater.  Ray Luzier, who is most notably known for his work with hard-rock legends, Korn, was voted “Best Rock/Metal Drummer”.

It’s hard to find greater musicianship than that in the progressive rock genre, and it’s impossible to find a greater progressive rock band than Dream Theater.   That’s why it wasn’t much of a surprise when Drum! Magazine announced Dream Theater’s, and Pearl’s own, Mike Mangini as both the Drummer of the Year, and the Progressive Rock Drummer of the Year.  Throughout the past year, Mike Mangini, has wowed the throngs of Dream Theater fans, along with the entire music world, with his astounding drum mastery behind his massive 2-tiered Reference Pure drum kit, surrounding his brilliant use of technical time signatures and complicated phrasing around his endless supply of mind-boggling and jaw-dropping drum fills.  This upcoming September 24th, Dream Theater will release their latest installment to their impeccable catalog, their new self-titled studio album and follow-up to 2011’s A Dramatic Turn of Events, which earned Dream Theater their first Grammy Nomination for the single, “On the Backs of Angels”.  For more information on Mike Mangini, please be sure to visit his official website,   
Since joining the Grammy Award winning, multiplatinum selling mega-rock group, Korn, in 2008, Ray Luzier has practically stolen the hard rock spotlight.  Having spent the better portion of 2012 sitting at center stage in the biggest arenas, stadiums, and festivals this planet has to offer, it’s almost a no-brainer to see Ray Luzier bringing home the award for Drum! Magazine’s Best Hard Rock/Metal Drummer honor for his last year of work.  A drummer that perfectly matches Korn’s signature, heavy, melodic, and sometimes obscure sound, Ray delivers just about every fill and rudiment imaginable, all focusing around the complex backbeats of Korn’s unmistakable sound, and delivering a massive punch.  As of late, Korn has been out touring in support of their forthcoming new album, which is due out later this year, playing the largest events of this summer’s rock festival season including Rock on the Range, Rocklahoma, Graspop Festival, Download Festival, Sonisphere, and several others.  Throughout these dates, Ray has been wailing away behind 2 of his eye-catching setups, his custom Masters MCX drums here in the US, and his gorgeous chrome Reference Series drums across the pond.  For more information on Ray, please be sure to visit his official website,

In the Extreme Metal genre of the 2013 Drummie Awards, 2 other Pearl artists received a remarkable amount of recognition from voters, as both artists have made a giant impact on the drumming world- Gene Hoglan (Dethklok/Fear Factory/Testament) and George Kollias (Nile).  Both drummers, who have ferociously taken the metal world by storm with their blistering speed and total mastery of the blast beat, were recognized for their tremendous contributions to the drumming world over the past year, as voted upon and acknowledged through the reader’s votes. 

Pearl Drums would like to congratulate Mike Mangini, Ray Luzier, Gene Hoglan, and George Kollias on the tremendous achievements they have all accomplished throughout the past year, along with thanking these extraordinary musicians for the contributions they continue to make to the drumming community. 

Congrats guys!!