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26 Aug

Korn?s Own, Ray Luzier, Rocks The Musician?s Institute

Pearl artist, Ray Luzier, recently performed an unforgettable drum clinic at his alma-mater, The Musician’s Institute of Hollywood, California, for the school’s select class of 200 drummers, all of which are currently taking part in the schools percussion department. The students were given a rare opportunity to meet and learn from one of the finest drummers of today, touching on subjects ranging from tuning tips, road/tour etiquette, as well as learning about Ray’s warm up techniques and the current drumming exercises that he continually works on. Between the insightful look into Ray’s highly successful and lengthy career, and his hard hitting and explosive drumming, the Musician’s Institute staff and students were treated to a drum clinic they’ll never forget.

While out on the road with Korn, and since coming on board as an artist with Pearl back in early 2010, Ray requested a Pearl Reference Series kit for this clinic. Often travelling tens of thousands of miles each year, playing shows in different countries on a day to day basis, Ray relies on the quality and durability of the Reference Series drums to give him the exact tones that he needs, regardless of the situation or setting. With Korn’s heavier sound, Ray prefers the bigger sized drums, with his smallest tom being a 12x8, leading all the way down to an 18x16 floor tom. Ray’s full specs are as follow:

Reference Series: Granite Sparkle

(2)24x18- kick drums
12x8- rack tom
13x9- rack tom
14x14- floor tom
16x16- floor tom
18x16- floor tom
14x6.5- Sensitone Steel Snare
14x6.5- Free Floating Snare (maple)

Korn is currently finishing up the final touches on their latest album, which will include their current chart climbing single, featuring Skrillex, titled, “Get Up”. Please be sure to visit for news and updates on the new album, as well as information on upcoming tours and appearances. Also be sure to check out for information about upcoming drum clinics by Ray.