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25 Oct

Keith Aleo Residency at Wright State University

On Oct. 18, Pearl/Adams Artist Keith Aleo performed the premiere of "Streaming" by Mike Burritt with the Wright State Percussion Ensemble, directed by Jerry Noble.  Streaming is scored for quartet with soloist and was written for Keith Aleo and Zildjian having been completed this past summer. The student performers in the quartet were Ben Kipp (recent Brevard student), Travis Wissman (recent Blue Lake student instructor), Bilinda Lou (recently attended the Masterworks Festival), and Jeff Brooks (newly appointed to the Madison Scouts staff).  The soloist's part is written for about 20 different cymbals, hand drums, tom toms, and additional metallic sounds, while the quartet utilizes vibes, marimba, xylophone, bells, and various drums and small instruments.  The title, "Streaming," refers to a stream of conscious and the piece changes character and feel frequently, has a great flow, and an exciting fusion style ending.  Other pieces on the concert included, Levitan's Marimba Quartet, Stubernic by Mark Ford, Fanfare for the Return of Shadow by Brett Dietz, Akadinda Trio by Sejourne, Dream of the Cherry Blossoms, Fanfare for Tambourines, and Rock Etude #7. 

The concert, held in Dayton's Schuster Center, was very well attended, and the audience found the challenging chamber music thrilling.  The audience was wowed by Keith's dynamic performance that closed the concert and were very impressed with the student's performance.  Following the concert and residency, Aleo notes that "Jerry Noble and his students did such a wonderful job.  They were outstanding hosts, very well prepared, and were fantastic to work with.  Much congrats to Jerry and Wright State Percussion!!  There's great things going on there."

While in town, Keith kept a very busy schedule.  He presented an educational clinic to the community, worked with Wright State students in  masterclass, as well as one on one. All told, during his three days in Dayton, Keith interacted with over 150 music educators, performers, and students throughout the region.  The students were excited to interact and perform with Keith and the audience was treated to Keith's  exhilarating performance of Burritt's new work.  Upcoming performances of "Streaming" with Keith Aleo as soloist include appearances at University of Tennessee--Martin (Julie Hill), Michigan State University (Gwen Thrasher), and University of Kentucky (James Campbell).