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14 Jun

Kamelot Give Fans 'On The Road' Look from Tokyo

For those aspiring musicians that have always wondered what the touring life is like performing abroad in foreign places and countries, you’ll find the below video tour blog from, Pearl artist, Casey Grillo, and Kamelot, very inspiring.  In support of their latest studio album- the high praised and well charted- Silverthorn, which was released last October, Casey and Kamelot have been traveling the world over, bringing their explosive production and melodic metal sounds to the massive international fan bases who have been anxiously awaiting the band’s triumphant return.  

Just a few days ago and in part of the Silverthorn: 2013 World Tour, Kamelot made their scheduled stop in Japan, playing 3 exhilarating shows around the island while also finding and enjoying some time to play tourist.  Lucky for us, the Kamelot crew brought with them their trusty video camera to record the always enjoyable experience in Japan, as well as providing some exciting live footage from the Tokyo date of their 3-stop excursion.   The video of Kamelot’s day in Tokyo, and concert footage, can be seen below. 

Pearl artist, Casey Grillo, has become a well respected and highly admired member of the drumming community since joining Kamelot back in 1997, with his blistering speed and the flash and flair of his endless technical fills being a good reason to why he’s so highly revered.   Upon clicking on almost any of Kamelot’s tracks, Casey’s tremendous work behind the kit will become immediately apparent through his furious-yet-steady footwork that serves as the base for Kamelot’s signature melody and instantly recognizable sound.  In the below video of Kamelot’s tour stop in Tokyo, Casey was seen and heard wailing away on a beautiful Reference Series drum set, which matches his US rig, finished in the remarkable Purple Craze II (393) lacquer.  With the wide range of tones needed to complete Kamelot’s sound, Casey turns to the Reference Series to be promised the best possible tone from each drum, given the ground-breaking individuality from each drum in the Reference Series line.  Casey’s full specs are as follow:

Reference Series:
Purple Craze II (393)

22x18 bass drum x2
10x8 tom
12x9 tom
14x14 floor tom
16x16 floor tom
14x5 Reference Series snare drum

For more information on Casey Grillo and Kamelot, please be sure to visit their official website at  Also be sure to check out the next installment of dates for their 2013 World Tour, which is scheduled to roll through the US and Canada this fall.  A full list of dates for Kamelot’s North American tour can be found below.     

Kamelot: 2013 Fall Tour
09.02. Alrosa Villa- Columbus, OH
09.03. Baltimore Soundstage- Baltimore, MD
09.05. Trocadero Theatre- Philadelphia, PA
09.06. Stage 48- New York, NY
09.07. The Palladium- Worcester, MA
09.08. Club Soda- Montreal, QC
09.10. Opera House- Toronto, ON
09.12. Mojoe's- Chicago, IL
09.13. Granada Theatre- Lawrence, KS
09.14. Bluebird Theater- Denver, CO
09.15. In the Venue- Salt Lake City, UT
09.17. El Corazon- Seattle, WA
09.18. Hawthorne Theatre- Portland, OR
09.20. Slim's- San Francisco, CA
09.21. The Grove of Anaheim- Anaheim, CA
09.22. Joe's Grotto- Phoenix, AZ
09.24. Trees- Dallas, TX
09.25. Backstage Live- San Antonio, TX
09.27. Diamond Pub- Louisville, KY
09.28. The Masquerade- Atlanta, GA
09.29. House of Blues- Lake Buena Vista, FL