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12 Dec

Joe Nichols Tops the Charts with New Single

Country music superstar, Joe Nichols, took a very familiar spot atop the genre’s charts this week, with his latest single, “Sunny and 75”.  This newest chart-topping single comes off of Joe’s new album, Crickets, which landed at the No. 17 position on the Billboard Top 200 Chart, No. 3 on the Billboard Country Album Chart, and No. 4 on Billboard’s Independent Albums Chart.  More information on Joe Nichols, along with details on his new album, can be found at

In support of the new album and chart topping album, Joe Nichols will be touring heavily in 2014 with backing coming from one of the great drummers of the Nashville music scene, Pearl artist, Wes Little.  Along with his duties with Joe Nichols, Wes is pulling double-duty these days, touring alongside guitar virtuoso Robben Ford. 

For more information on Wes Little, and to learn how to keep up with his multi-gig juggling act, please visit