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23 Oct

Incubus Drum Tech Sean Bates 2004 Interview

Sean has traveled all over the world using the ICON rack and its components so who better to ask why it’s the leading drum rack out today.    

Pearl Drums: Jose and Incubus are known for their heavy touring schedule. Are you ever worried about consistency when setting up his kit every night over a 150 – 200 date tour?

Sean Bates: The ICON rack is by far the easiest rack I’ve ever dealt with.  All of the new PCX clamps and cymbal arms are amazing!  I did have one cymbal arm that was damaged and it still lasted for 30 shows….it got a little loose but never broke.  The new clamps don’t come loose or back off, and I haven’t had a cymbal arm sink during a show.  I still check the rack when I’m setting it up cause things tend to loosen during transit but during the show…. never a problem!

PD: How do you like the WingLocs that come with the new cymbal arms?

SB: The Winglocs are great and they probably save me ten minutes during set-up and tear down.  Very simple and very fast.

PD: Ten minutes for a drum tech could be the difference in being on time or not.

SB: I usually have the kit loaded out fifteen minutes after the show ends.

PD: You don’t want to be late for the after show parties do you?

SB: (laughs) Well, you know!    

PD: It seems like the GyroLock tilters in a t-shape would work for Jose’s splash set-up on the left but you’re currently using all CH1000 cymbal arms. Why?

SB: Jose and I tried out the GyroLocks and we liked them but with the advantage of the curved rack bar, we didn’t need them.  We set the rack back further so he can bring stuff in closer and get the rack bars away from the drums. Jose’s configuration fits better with the curved bar and we can also bring the cymbals in a little closer.

PD: Does the ICON rack take a beating every night?

SB: It’s very sturdy….  every night he grabs and shakes the whole rack after his drum solo! 

PD: What’s the deal with the marching snare drum on his left side?

SB: The idea for that probably came around the time we both watched Drumline.

PD: (laughs) You’re kidding!  I didn’t see that one coming.  Did you see any Pearl Drums in the movie?

SB: Just a few!  We were both into it and thought it was very cool!  We won‘t admit it now but we did!  The acting was horrible but the drum stuff was great!  Around the same time, we were on Lollapolloza and Jose saw another drummer with a deep snare…. it was like ten inches deep or so….. it wasn’t a marching snare, and he really liked it.

The sound of the marching drum didn’t really agree with our former sound guy but our current one digs it!  When I told Jose that Joey from Slipknot was using one too, he started laughing!  Jose loves it!  At first, I tuned it high like a marching snare should be but it was too much “top head sound” so I tuned it down a little bit and that did the trick. 

PD: Sean, I know you have to get ready for the show.  Thanks for taking the time to talk with us!

SB: No problem……… 


*interview by Derek Wolfford/Artist Relations