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25 Jul

In the Studio with Primal Fear’s Randy Black

Pearl Artist, Randy Black, released a fantastic new video this week showing some behind the scenes drum-cam footage from Primal Fear’s most recent studio session.  In the video, which can be viewed here, Randy Black is powering through the track, “Road to Asylum”, from Primal Fear’s 2014 studio release, Delivering the Black, with a gradual audio progression enhancing throughout the track.  As Randy explains:

“For Primal Fear fans and drum or studio geeks! Hear the progression of sound from a single RODE stereo mic 00:00 to 01:12, then direct raw mic signal from 01:12 to 02:20, and finally full CD quality sound from 02:21 to the end. This was the first Primal Fear session I did with my custom Pearl "Masters Premium Legend" kit to record Primal Fear's 'Delivering The Black' CD.”

As mentioned above, Randy relied on the 6-ply, all-maple Masters Series drums for the Delivering the Black recording session, which was finished in a Scarlet Sparkle Burst lacquer and topped off with black hardware and a custom black ICON Rack System.  Randy’s full specs can be found here.

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