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19 Jul

In Conversation: Chad Smith and The Avett Brothers

As reported on and introduced to the drumming community back in May, via, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ drummer, and very longstanding Pearl artist, Chad Smith recently teamed up with to start a new podcast series, titled, “In Conversation”.  This incredibly entertaining and highly fascinating series features one of the world’s finest drummers, in Chad Smith, sharing relaxed and casual discussions with some of music’s hottest acts and biggest rockstars.   The conversations are, simply that…Casual dialog between rockstars of all backgrounds talking about everything from life on the road, recording sessions, the music industry, their individual writing process, and basically all things having to do with music. 

The latest installment to this series found Chad Smith hanging out backstage at the Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware, sitting down for a conversation with The Avett Brothers.  Chad first met The Avett Brothers back in 2012 when, legendary producer, Rick Rubin (who produces both the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Avett Brothers) contacted Chad to record the band’s album, The Carpenter.  Since then, Chad, like most, fell for the band’s immensely likeable Americana sound, making them a “must have” for his “In Conversation” podcast.  Throughout the conversation, which can be heard here (warning: explicit language), Chad and The Avetts discuss the recording process with Rick Rubin, and how he helped develop the band, along with the band’s inspirations and how their melodic/punk rock background assisted in developing their unmistakable sound.   

Part 1 of “In Conversation: The Avett Brothers” can be found here, but please be warned of some explicit ‘rockstar’ language.  For more information on Chad Smith and the “In Conversation with Chad Smith” series, please visit, or download the free Chad Smith Drum App