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07 Nov

Hinder headlines J?germeister Tour

"The Jagermeister Music Tour has always been known to host some of the biggest and best rock and metal bands of the current day.  With past tours consisting of bands such as Slipknot, Disturbed, and Type O Negative, Jagermeister knew that on this tour they needed to find a band that could continue this tradition of legendary rock bands, they called on  Cody Hanson/Hinder and Dave Agoglia /Rev Theory .

Tuesday, November 4th was a big day for everyone in Los Angeles.  Not only was it Election Day, but it was also the release date of Hinder’s second album “Take It To The Limit” and, ever so suiting, Hinder was staged to headline the historical Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles.  I spent majority of the day with “Bibs”, stage manager/drum tech for Hinder, shooting off as many pictures as I could of Cody and Dave’s Pearl kits and discussing the setup that they both have chosen for this tour.

The house lights went down and stage was set for Rev Theory.  They took the stage by storm and didn’t look back until the house lights came back on.  They slammed through their 8-song set with authority keeping the crowd on their feet and asking for more.  Earlier in the night I had an opportunity to talk with Dave about his recently acquired VBX birch Pearl Vision Series kit with a booming 24x18 kick, a 12x9 rack tom, and 16x16 floor tom.  For his snare drum, Dave reaches for nothing but the best, a Reference 14x6.5 Brass.  The drums sounded fantastic with the mix of the band and the brightness of the birch shells gave the perfect amount of cut necessary to give Rev Theory the raw and rocking sound they are known for.  They put on an amazing show with a ton of stage presence and crowd participation.

Later in the night, the crowd was starting to get anxious for the band they had come to see, Hinder.  They took the stage with the same rock presence they emanate through their music, pounding through all 14 songs in typical Hinder fashion, powerful, solid, and rocking.  Cody’s drums were no exception, to say the least.  He’s out on the road with his eye-catching custom painted flaming skull Reference Series kit with a 14x6.5 Reference Brass snare.  I heard nothing but well deserved compliments on the kit for every member of the crew, band members, and sound engineers on staff.  I, personally, can’t remember a time when I heard better live drums that weren’t triggered or tampered with.  The concept of the Reference is proven through the tonal quality that is received by each individual drum and the warmth and depth can’t be matched.  The Brass Reference snare was very loud and crisp with the perfect amount of body necessary for a rock band.  As great as the sound crew is at The Wiltern Theater, Cody, Bibs, and Pearl teamed up to take their credibility to a whole new level.

Both Rev Theory and Hinder are fantastic bands, with fantastic people, who put on an even more than fantastic show.  If given the opportunity be sure to check them out on the Jagermeister tour coming through a town near you.  The new Hinder album is available everywhere music is sold and I highly suggest you pick it up.  They did an amazing job, as they usually do."