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05 Apr

Havok Releases Sophomore Album!

For thrash-metal fans worldwide anxiously waiting in anticipation, it seemed as if March 29th, 2011, couldn’t get here any slower. The date etched on all their calendars marked the release of the new album from Denver based metallers, Havok. The band’s new album, titled, “Time is Up”, hit the shelves earlier this week after a seemingly endless amount of months, weeks, and days of counting down by their ever-expanding fan base of metal heads and thrash-metal followers. With “Time is Up” serving as the band’s sophomore release, and first with Pearl artist, Peter Webber, Havok has quickly become one of the hottest new bands and a major contributor to the resurging metal scene, answering the call from metallers around the world of who is to be the next big thing in the underground music world. With song standouts, “Prepare for Attack”, “Fatal Intervention”, and, “Covering Fire” becoming instant classics to their devoted followers, Havok raises the bar with their new album, showing off their blistering speed and skilled musicianship throughout each metal masterpiece.

Throughout his work on “Time is Up”, Pearl artist, Peter Webber, proves to be one of the most promising up-and-coming drummers in the music world today. With his constant and solid footwork, combined with his smooth fills and rolls around the kit, Pete masterfully transitions from one high-energy section to another, each new section being as equally impressive as the last. While in the studio and while travelling the world, Pete relies on the warm and full tones of his Masters MCX kit, in a stunning Lime Sparkle Fade lacquer, to provide the necessary sounds he needs to pull off his seemingly impossible parts each night. The 6 ply, all maple, shells of the Masters MCX drums are the ideal shells for rock/metal drummers, who need crave the bigger full-bodied and punchy tone while still achieving the proper amount of attack.

For more information on Peter Webber and Havok, be sure to check them out online at Also be sure to pick up a copy of their new album, “Time is Up”, which is now available.

"Time Is Up" track listing:

01. Prepare For Attack
02. Fatal Intervention
03. No Amnesty
04. D.O.A.
05. Covering Fire
06. Killing Tendencies
07. Scumbag In Disguise
08. The Cleric
09. Out Of My Way
10. Time Is Up