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09 May

George Kollias Announces 3-day Drum Camp

World-renowned heavy metal drummer, educator, and instructional DVD creator, George Kollias, of Nile fame, will host his first ever drum camp from May 15th-18, in Woodland Hills, CA.  This 3-day drum camp offers a limited number of students the chance to play with and learn from one of the world’s top metal drummers in an ultra-intensive, intimate classroom setting. Each student will have their own individual practice drum kit on site for the weekend’s events, allowing for a more hands-on educational experience that focuses specifically on each drummer’s needs.  More information on this event can be found at

A native of Korinthos, Greece, Kollias is especially well known in the drumming community for his incredibly fast foot technique and intense playing style. In addition to touring with world and recording with Nile, Kollias is an instructor at the Modern Music School in Athens, Greece and he has released a series of highly praised educational DVDs, Intense Metal Drumming and Intense Metal Drumming II.  A proud member of the Pearl Artist Roster, George Kollias relies on the open and resonant tones of Pearl’s Reference Pure drums.