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03 Jan

Gene Hoglan: Man VS. Machine

This week, The Wall Street Journal took on the always touchy subject of man vs. machine, discussing the growing popularity of programmed drumming with metal’s most in-demand drummer, “The Human Drum Machine” himself, Gene Hoglan

Neil Shaw, of the Wall Street Journal, interviewed Gene Hoglan about the evolution of metal music, the constant increasing tempos found in today’s blistering speed metal, and also discusses the advances of in-studio methods and the use of certain recording programs that assists bands and studio producers achieve drum beats that are virtually impossible for a human to achieve…That is, unless you have Gene Hoglan backing you up.  The interview, with an accompanying video of Gene playing live with Testament, can be found here.

Pearl artist, Gene Hoglan is currently on the road with legendary metalers, Testament, along with a performing a juggling act between Dethklok, Fear Factory, Dark Angel, DEATH, along with his countless recording sessions and drum clinic inquiries.  For more information on Gene Hoglan, please be sure to visit his official website,