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17 Feb

Did You See The New CAT-alog?!?

Check your mailbox for the latest from Musicians Friend and the cover pic of Eric and the Reference Series...

Eric tells Musicians how he started as a drummer, about the bands he has worked with throughout his career, and how he became the drummer for KISS. He also talks about 'Sonic Boom', the latest CD from KISS and why he has been a longtime Pearl and Zildjian artist.

"I choose the gear because of the way it personally appeals to me. In a band like KISS, I want things to have a certain type of look, so Pearl has always been gracious to make me any kind of custom kit I want to fit our stage show. But for me, ultimately the stuff has got to hold up. I've got to like the gear. It's not about just having an endorsement and getting free gear for me. It never has been."