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22 Nov

Christina Perri Tops the Pop Charts!

Pop music’s newest star, Christina Perri, alongside Pearl artist, Elmo Lovano, have recently grabbed the #1 position on the iTunes Pop Charts, as well as #1 on the Neilson Soundscan Heat Seakers chart for the recording of “The Oceanway Sessions”. Comprised of both an audio and visual recording, The Oceanway Sessions feature Christina Perri performing several of her songs including the hit single, “Jar of Hearts”, which reached the #18 position on the Billboard charts upon its release late last summer. Originally debuting on the June 30th Episode of the hit show So You Think You Can Dance, Christina’s “Jar of Hearts” immediately launched her into overnight stardom, allowing Christina to leave behind her life as a waitress, and into a life as a full time musician.

Shortly after the instant success of Christina’s hit songs, a phone call was placed to, Pearl’s very own, Elmo Lovano to provide the backbone for her songs in both live and studio situations. Being one of LA’s premier drummers with a heavy musical understanding and background in almost every music genre, Elmo’s deep pocket and solid groove became the perfect fit that Christina was looking for. For “The Oceanway Sessions”, Elmo can be seen rocking his beautiful Reference Series kit in a Natural Maple finish and accented with gold hardware. When not on the road with Christina Perri, Elmo is constantly in an out of different recording sessions, often 2-3 a day and each session is almost always for a different genre of music. Whether it is playing with Christina Perri, drum and bass with Skrilmo, or laying down some death metal tracks, Elmo is constantly relying on the varying tones of the Reference Series shells to provide the optimum tone for each band. Elmo’s specs are as follow:

Reference Series: Natural Maple (#102)
w/ gold hardware

20x18- kick drum
10x8- rack tom
12x9- rack tom
14x14- floor tom
16x16- floor tom
14x6.5- snare drum

Though nearing the end of 2010, with the rigorous touring season coming to a halt as well, Elmo and Christina Perri will be closing the year playing one-offs in some select cities around the US. In between tour dates, both will be back in the studio in preparation for a very hectic 2011 which will be in support of their chart topping album. For more information on Christina Perri news and upcoming events, please be sure to check out her website at