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30 Mar

Christina Perri Announces North American Tour

Holding the success story of the year, going from waitress to pop-superstar overnight (literally), Christina Perri brings her platinum selling hits to the road, playing the role of main support to James Blunt on his upcoming US tour. With chart topping singles such as “Jar of Hearts” and “Tragedy” flooding the airwaves and television screens around the world, Christina’s passion driven love songs forcibly strike a chord inside the soul, lyrically spilling the thoughts and memories of the broken hearted with a pop twist that leaves even the toughest of tough-guys with a new guilty pleasure.

When it came to laying down the backbeat to Christina’s tunes, Los Angeles drumming legend, Elmo Lovano, was the sure choice for Christina. With a resume that reads longer than the average person is tall, Elmo has become the on-call drummer in the music Mecca we call Los Angeles, with a daily schedule that typically includes 3-4 sessions a day, consisting of dramatically different genres and artists, and often ending with a live gig the same night. Due to the high demand for his rudimental mastery, Elmo demands drums that can cover all the bases for his varying projects. Because of this, Elmo reaches for the innovative technology of his Pearl Reference Series drums for both studio and live situations. The different wood combinations and bearing edges that vary throughout each drum of the Reference Series line not only guarantee the purest tone from each drum, but also a wider tuning range. Whether recording a No. 1 Pop hit with Christina Perri, a heavy backbeat with Rob Roy, or flying around the kit showing off his swift footwork and fills with Michael Keene of The Faceless, The Reference Series of drums prove to be the ideal choice.

For more information on the whereabouts of Christina Perri and Elmo Lovano, and to witness Elmo’s gorgeous Natural Maple Reference Kit in person, be sure to check out for updates from the studio and for a full list of live dates. Also be sure to check out Elmo and Christina Perri’s live recording of “Tragedy” from, The Ocean Way Sessions, which can be seen below.