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01 Sep

Chevelle's Top 10

The video is part of the ongoing celebration of “Ten in 10” an intimate look into Chevelle and gives the band the opportunity to share their thoughts on success and reflect on what they have become while looking back at their top ten greatest hits over the last decade.

Those hits include "The Red," "Send The Pain Below," "Closure," "Vitamin R," "The Clincher," "Well Enough Alone," "I Get It," "The Fad," "Jars" and "Letters From A Thief." In an effort to give back to the fans that made it all possible, the band will perform two nights in their hometown at The Metro in Chicago on Oct. 29 and 30th, the venue where they got their start a decade ago.

On Sunday August 22nd at the Verizon Theater in Dallas, Sam Loeffler & Chevelle shot the fan driven music video for their new single "Shameful Metaphors." "Shameful Metaphors" is the third single off of Chevelle’s most recent release 'Sci-fi Crimes' which debuted at #6 on Billboards Rock Chart, the highest entry on the charts for the band. The video is set to premiere at a later date. "Sci-fi Crimes" has already produced two top 10 singles in “Jars” and “Letter From a Thief”. “Jars” peaked on the Hot Mainstream Rock Charts at #2 while “Letter From a Thief” peaked at #5.

Over the past 10 years, Chevelle has had a very successful career producing 10 Top 10 singles, 2 Top 10 albums and remained a staple in the rock scene. The Chicago-trio has taken rock music to another level; their dark, ominous lyrics and unique sound combined with rich overtones make a statement that is hard to ignore and separates them from the rest of the modern rock scene. “Ten in 10” celebrates all of the bands accomplishments and is a look back on their successes while continuing to move forward towards a bright musical future.
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Sam's latest drumkit specs are:

Reference Series
Ivory Pearl finish
22x18 bass drum
10x9 tom
12x9 tom
16x16 floor tom
18x16 floor tom
14x6.5 snare drum