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22 Jan

Chad Smith Takes Over NAMM

Pearl artist Chad Smith, of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Chickenfoot fame, took on another roll with another amazing band last Friday night at the Sabian Live event at NAMM. Chad’s Bombastic Meatbats are an incredibly talented funk band that hails from Chad’s hometown of Los Angeles, CA. Their catchy songs with the heavy funk groove kept the crowd in Anaheim rocking out throughout the performance, urging the Meatbats on for more at the end of each song.

Chad’s playing with the Meatbats seemed to be the talk of the night throughout Sabian Live. Although Chad has made a huge name for himself with his solid groove and deep pocket, his playing with the Bombastic Meatbats allowed him to be flashier and included more fills and rolls than his infamous work with Chickenfoot or the Red Hot Chili Peppers. As usual, Chad was out rocking his typical set up for this hit, with some slight variations and additions to help open up his playing a little more. The kit was a 6 ply Maple-Pearl Masters Series kit in Piano Black (103). The sizes were 24x18 on the kick drum, 12x8 on the rack, a 14x14 floor tom, and a 16x16 floor tom. Chad was also rocking a 14x5 Sensitone Steel snare drum, giving him the closest tone possible to his own signature snare drum.

With a schedule like Chad’s, it’s sad to say that we probably won’t be seeing the Bombastic Meatbats rock out anytime soon. However, being one of the most sought after drummers on the planet, means that we will be hearing something new from Chad soon. To keep up with Chad until then, please check out all of his bands at the following websites:,,