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29 Dec

Chad Smith & Joey Jordison Limited Edition Kits

The Chad Smith Limited Edition Kit features a stylized R.H.C.P. graphic on each drum and on the bass drum head.  The drums have a silver limited edition badge to match the graphics.  The kit is comprised of a 22 x 18 bass drum, 12 x 9 rack tom, 14 x 14 and 16 x 16 floor toms, a full complement of 70 Series hardware, and the 14 x 5 Chad Smith Signature Snare Drum.

The Joey Jordison Limited Edition Kit has bass drum heads featuring Joey’s Slipknot 1 logo and a silver limited edition badge.  This double bass drum kit features two 22 x 18 bass drums, 10 x 8, 12 x 9 and 13 x 10 rack toms, 14 x 14 and 16 x 16 floor toms, a full arsenal of 70 series hardware, and the Joey Jordison Signature Snare Drum.