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23 Oct

Casey Cooper Discusses The Seven Habits Every Drummer Needs to Break

The one and only, Casey Cooper, has once again teamed up with our friends at Drumeo to film a new lesson video on the topic of “Seven Habits You Need to Break”.  In the video, which can be viewed below, Casey discusses and lists, demonstrates, and discusses the habits of practicing without a metronome, playing parts too fast while learning, performing parts that you cannot yet play, practicing inefficiently, only practicing thing that you are comfortable with, treating other drumming/music styles as lesser, and lastly being discouraged by incredible drummers and/or treating other drummers as competition.  Along with this ever-so-helpful and highly applicable advice, Casey also spends some time jamming behind his Masters BCX drum-kit in this latest video, playing along to the Drumeo Edge Play-Along tracks “Two Thousand 15”, “Drumadiddley”, and “Metal Life”, and also taking part in an informative Q&A Session with Drumeo Host and co-founder, Jared Falk. 

Drumeo is the world’s finest and ultimate online drum experience, offering award winning lessons and instruction from the finest drummers on the planet.  More information on Drumeo and to sign up for their unmatched service, please visit

Pearl Artist, Casey Cooper- or, COOP3RDRUMM3R, as he is most well known throughout the drumming community- announced his partnership with Drumeo to the 780,000 subscribers of his highly-popular YouTube Channel just last month, with this ‘seven habits to break’ video serving as his first installment to what promises to be a wildly popular series.  Casey’s kit of choice for this video is a beautiful Masters BCX drum set, topped with a matching 14x5 Masters BCX snare drum, and finished in the always-stunning Lava Bubinga.  More information on Casey Cooper can be found here.