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20 Nov

Arejay Hale Unveils Custom Masters Series Tour Kit

Pearl Artist, Arejay Hale, has unveiled his unbelievable and must-see drum kit, which he is currently slamming around on a nightly basis while on the road with Halestorm.  The spectacular new Pearl rig consists of the 6-ply, all-maple shells traditionally found in the Masters MCX Series, finished in a beautiful Red Glass Sparkle, and with numerous customizations that include a 26x16 bass drum, matching Rocket Toms, and a matching 10x6 Effect snare drum.  Arejay Hale recently took to Halestorm’s Official Facebook Page to share a picture of this stunning new rig, with a caption that reads:

"Here's a pic my new kit for this tour. Pearl Drums Masters Maple with a custom ‘big flake’ red sparkle finish! She's a beaut!!!! Can't thank my friends at Pearl enough for building this for me, this is my favorite kit I've ever owned!" - Arejay Hale

Halestorm is currently in the midst of the Canadian leg of their ongoing world tour, with their next stop scheduled to take place at the Shaw Conference Center in Edmonton, AB, on November 20th, and continuing until their closing performance at the Commodore Ballroom, in Vancouver, BC, on November 25th.  Arejay and Halestorm are touring in support of their new album, Into The Wild Life, which was released this past April, and hosts the singles, “Apocalyptic”, “Amen” and “I Am The Fire”.  Into The Wild Life debuted at the No. 1 position on Billboard’s Rock Albums Chart, Alternative Albums Chart, and also the Hard Rock Albums Chart, with “Apocalyptic” and “Amen” also topping Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Singles Chart.  More information on Halestorm can be found at

More information on Arejay Hale, including full specs on this massive new Masters MCX kit, can be found here.