Pearl Drums
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Elmo Lovano
MYPET - United States


For his very first birthday, Elmo got a set of drums. They were made by Fisher-Price. This set the stage for his life’s passion, playing all day to his father’s albums. At 12, he upgraded to his first real drum kit (since he looked ridiculous at this age still playing the Fisher-Price set). His parents bought him a set of Pearl Exports, which he beat to the ground every day. This started and eventually solidified the foundation of his drumming career.

Elmo's first touring gig was at age 15 with the band LimitPoint. The success of that tour was the catalyst for his parents enrolling him in a special high school for artists/performers so he could hit the road. That year (1999) he toured with Unwritten Law, Save Ferris, and Face to Face. At age 16, while performing on the Vans Warped Tour, Elmo won the WFD fastest drummer competition busting out 947 strokes in a minute.
By the age of 22, Elmo had performed on 5 world tours, 11 U.S. tours and was seen in world-wide commercials, billboards and numerous magazines.

Just 23 years old, after years on the road, Elmo returned home to Los Angeles, quit his band, and focused his creative energy on his own independent musical ventures which led to the formation of his dream band, “The Devil’s Orchestra.” Together, Elmo and best friend, multi-instrumentalist John M. Anderson, wrote a movie and score titled “The Devil’s Orchestra,” an animated instrumental movie. "The Devils Orchestra" headlined and performed this score to sold-out crowds in Hollywood for 62 consecutive weeks. Their over-the-top, highly theatrical performances from March '08 thru May '09, generated a strong cult-like following. In June ‘09, they headed back into the studio to finish writing their first album..

Camerata Sundays, Elmo’s Art and Music Event, has become a major hub for touring acts and artists in Hollywood, CA. The night offers a platform for talent ranging from live artists, up and coming bands, to major headliners such as The Germs and Tommy Lee. Camerata Sundays has provided Elmo with an outlet to showcase his own talent, including drum battles with friends (Steven Spence of Black Tide, Jon Wilkes of Red Jump Suit Apparatus, etc.) while continuing to shine a light on talent he endorses.
2009 also birthed the formation of his classical jazz fusion duo, "The Familiars", and Thunder From Heaven, a grunge/psychedelic band.

In September ‘09, visual artist Michael Allen asked Elmo to join his live dub-step/drum n’ bass group “Soul Or System” which featured a harpist, circuit bender and drum machine. They performed at the Burning Man Festival. While performing at the festival, Elmo discovered a new love for experimental electronic music. He returned home to Los Angeles and started the band “Mid-Air & Elmo” with producer/programmer Mid-Air on drum machines and synthesizer accompanied by Elmo on drums. In November ‘09, Elmo booked the gig with rapper Rob Roy.

In addition to his other projects, he is currently performing with Sonny Moore aka Skrillex in a drummer/DJ group called SKRILMO and drumming on Michael Keene of The Faceless’ solo album. On top of it all, Elmo and The Devil’s Orchestra have been hard at work recording and assembling the release of their first album under their new name “SYMPHONIC CIRCLES.”

Between Symphonic Circles, The Familiars, Rob Roy, Thunder From Heaven, SKRILMO, Mid-Air & Elmo, and blues singer Brianna Rettig, you can see Elmo drumming almost any night, anywhere.


Equipment Configuration

MYPET Setup:

Reference Pure: Arctic White (109)

20x18 bass drum w/ TTP-B Tru Trac Drumhead
10x8 rack tom w/ TTP-10 Tru Trac Drumhead
14x12 floor tom w/ TTP-14 Tru Trac Drumhead
13x3 snare drum w/ TTP-13 Tru Trac Drumhead


Christina Perri Setup:

Reference Pure: Arctic White (109)

20x18- bass drum
10x8- rack tom
12x9- rack tom
14x12- floor tom
14x16- floor tom
14x5 Sensitone Elite Snare (brass)


Reference Series in Natural Maple (#102)
w/ gold hardware

10x8 rack tom

12x9 rack tom
14x14 floor tom
16x16 floor tom
20x18 kick drum
14x6.5 Reference wood snare