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Chris Jago
Wicked - United States


As a prominent member of the Liverpool music scene, his hometown, Chris Jago has achieved critical success in multiple formats ranging from original material to musicals and band tours to recording sessions. While working with a myriad of local bands, Jago developed original material with Real World record artists Sizer Barker. As a session musician Jago’s European tour experiences are prolific and diverse… Boy George, China Crisis, Kings of Infinite Space and the classic 70’s prog/rock group Barclay James Harvest who over the past 30 years have sold more than 35 million albums. Jago’s European tours also included, The Gregg Wright Band, of Michael Jackson fame, and Los Angeles rock band The Calling.

His theatre credits include the American cult rock show ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’ where he played the character of ‘Schlacko’. Jago took part in the original London cast production at the Playhouse theatre in London’s West End. Jago continued on with Hedwig to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where the critically acclaimed and sold out performances made Hedwig the hit of the Festival. Following Hedwig he returned to London’s West End to another hit show ‘Taboo’ with the infamous Boy George. Off the stage Jago also joined the Boy George band for numerous public appearances, televised performances and BBC radio sessions and recordings for George’s solo projects. The show then made the transition to New York on Broadway, with the assistance of one Ms Rosie O’Donnell, Jago can be heard on both the UK and US Original soundtrack albums of ‘Taboo’. Jago also performed with ‘The Great American Trailer Park’ The Musical, Off Broadway. And a new Rock’n’Roll version of Jekyll & Hyde which tours the US and Asia. Lastly, Jago has just finished his run as drummer for the record breaking run of the musical phenomenon ‘Wicked’, at the Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles. This sit-down production was the latest addition to this already popular and award winning show.

Jago’s latest project:
Two Sugars Inc. A recording studio based in Canoga Park, CA. This facility allows Jago to work on any project any where in the world, file sharing with producers/musicians giving them the opportunity to have real drums on their projects.


Equipment Configuration

Reference Series in Purple Craze
22x18 Kick
10x8 Rack
12x9 Rack
14x14 Floor Tom
16x16 Floor Tom
14x5: 20 ply Reference snare

All stands, pedals and hardware Pearl.

Touring Artistes & Recording Set:
Reference Series in Purple Craze
22x18 Kick
12x8 Rack Tom
16x16 Floor-Tom
14 x 5 Snare

All stands, pedals and hardware Pearl.